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Free vs Paid VPN Comparision

As by now you probably know the importance of having a VPN, but generally there exist two types of VPNs. There is the paid VPN and the free VPN. As much as we do love free stuff it is important to know what it means in terms of Virtual Private Network. Below I have compared between the free VPN and the paid VPN.

VPN Protocols

Most free VPN service providers will provide their clients with only PPTP VPNs. We already understand that the above protocol isn’t secure. Paid VPNs will allow the clients to use openVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSEC, PPTP and even SSH to tunnel all your internet connection securely. So Paid VPNs have the upper hand in regards to security.

VPN connection speed

The problem with free stuff is that it is congested or being over used as everybody doesn’t want to spend money. As the provider is not getting any money it means that they cannot invest in bandwidth so clients are limited to very little bandwidth. We all understand that bandwidth comes at a cost. Paid VPN providers invest on bandwidth and servers and thus their clients enjoy good internet speeds.

VPN Availability

With the limited bandwidth the free VPNs will tend to disconnect more often. Paid VPNs have got multiple VPN nodes that always ensure that the client is always connected at all times, Paid VPNs are a reliable VPN service provider.


Just like bandwidth support will always come at a cost, you can never expect somebody to spend his or her quality time helping the client solve his or her connection problems. When we choose paid VPNs, we expect to get help from our providers unlike when we had a free service nobody would care if we have difficulties or not.

VPN Servers/Nodes location

More servers mean more money to spend and this is not viable for a free VPN provider. It is not logical for a free VPN provider to give the clients access to 50 more servers across different countries if he can’t get enough money to pay the bandwidth and servers fee. For connection speeds and availability you can always rely on the paid VPNs.


Free VPN provider will never ask one to sign up so as to use the VPN services: even if they did one can use fake credentials. A paid VPN service will always require you to sign-up using your correct details that will also be used on the payment process.

If you don’t want to provide your real details then you would want to use the free VPN providers, but you should remember that your IP address of your computer can not be hidden.

In summary paid VPN provider is always the best choice when it comes to selecting the right VPNs. As you have seen above free VPN provider will only course you more harm than good. Probably you might not spend any money but you will never fully enjoy the services that come with the free VPNs, privacy will be disregarded, and this is the most important issue with the internet. So as to get the best offer there is always consider searching for a paid VPN provider as with it comes plenty of advantages. Most importantly for a business Purpose having a secure VPNs is seriously important to both you and your online clients.

These services allows users to unblock websites that are blocked in their regions. People can still surf blocked websites like face book, YouTube or even twitter. With vpn services, users are in a position to protect their identity on the web while browsing. Other users can not have information about activities performed online

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